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Make Nude Beautifully For Skin Tone

The neutral or nude shades have been improved upon over the time and they now have some excitement to them. The shades are now vast and more interesting for all to try out no matter the skin tone they have. The texture of these nude shades are now diverse that we all find one that can work well for us and makes that natural beauty a lot enhanced and more fun to carry. The glow can now be brighter with shimmers.

To choose your nudes, make sure the colors are clear so that it will not drag down your skin tone. You need to add a level of warmth by the application of fresh blush and you can then finish it off with a soft color to your lips.

A dark skinned lady can go with pale banana shade on the entire eye area. This is the base for the whole application. Then she can define her eyes by using a light shading of deep copper to sculpt that crease of the eyes. You can now blend the shadow up from the crease straight to the brow bone area and do not fore tuner the eyes. You can use a shimmer cloud to accentuate the inner corner of the eyelid.

After all that has been done, you can then apply the mascara.