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Foundation Right Product

Foundations are usually manufactured to match skin types. For example, those who suffer from oily complexions need not go for oily foundations as this is not the best foundation for them considering their skin does not require more oil than it already has. Instead, oil free foundation is what they need to go with. Whether your face is milky white or chocolate in color, a foundation that matches your skin tone should be in order.

Remember to buy foundation from a reputed brand only if you wish to get value for your money. Ariane Poole cosmetics come highly recommended and are suitable in meeting your entire make up needs.

Consider the weather. Those residing in tropical regions with high temperatures should go for water proof foundation that has a high sun protection factor. In addition to providing the illusion of flawless skin, the high SPF ensures that your skin is protected against harmful ultraviolet rays. Waterproof foundation comes in different shades to suit a variety of skin types. This is to say that, in spite of the sweltering conditions, you can still look good.

Skin condition and age factor also play a role in finding the best foundation. Women who are approaching their mid-life should go for powder foundation. Those with dry skin should remember to use a base since their dry skin will absorb the foundation causing one to apply more than is required.

Liquid foundation can be used if you have fine lines on your face. However, you must remember to apply it correctly otherwise you might just end up creating more wrinkles.

Also consider the ease of use and the application time that the foundation requires. Specialists recommend powder foundations for women who don’t have much time to devote to make up. For women without much skin problems, liquid foundation is okay. Not only is it easy to apply but it also lasts long.