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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Holiday Make Up Beauty Tricks

CLEANSING the skin properly, especially the face, is fundamental to good skin care. Oil-based makeup, which is preferred by those with drier complexions, should be removed with oil-based cleansing creams. Never go to bed without removing your makeup and thoroughly cleansing your face.

BEFORE makeup is applied, moisturizer should be applied to the face and neck after thorough cleansing. Moisturizers will keep you looking younger with smoother skin. The best time to apply moisturizer is right after you wash or shower, when the skin is damp and the moisturizer can seal in the moisture.

FOUNDATION is very important to one’s overall beauty. Foundation is used to enhance the color of the complexion. Choose a foundation to match your skin tone. Using the right foundation makes your skin look flawless and smooth. Choose the shade closest to your skin tone by testing it on your jaw line. When applying the foundation, be sure to blend it into the hairline and neckline to achieve a consistent tone. Set the foundation by brushing it with loose powder that matches the foundation and the color of your skin.

LIPS especially take a beating during bad weather. A good lipstick will moisturize the lips and shield them from the sun without interfering with the final sheen or finish of the lipstick. Keep your kissers moisturized with vitamin E oil, petroleum jelly or a lip balm or gloss.

NAILS that are beautiful certainly will enhance your overall festive appearance. Our nails are designed to protect the fleshy fingertip and help us manipulate small object. Remove dirt lodged underneath nails. Nails are polished with a buffer. This improves blood circulation and gives nails a shine. Two coats of nail polish and a topcoat later.

Make Up in 15 Minutes

Cleanse your face.

Is it necessary to wash your face in the morning? This will depend on your skin type. For dry skin. if you washed the night before, it is not necessary to wash your face in the morning again as it may be too dry for the skin.

Moisturize your face before make up.

Apply light texture moisturizer and after which, apply either foundation, powder or BB cream on your face and neck. Avoid the eyes area. For BB cream, you can do it without the moisturizer since it is a 2 in 1 combination. A good BB cream will last the whole day which is natural and smooth. Loose powder is good for people who prefer light natural make up.

Apply concealer to cover up any dark circles or eye puffiness

Before applying your eye make up, apply a few drop of eye cream or eye gel (suitable for dry skin) on your eyes areas. Do not use those overnight eye cream as it is too thick for day use and may be too oily for the skin. This will allow the make up to stay longer and it will also be easier to blend in your concealer.

Apply loose powder all over the face with a powder blush.

This will help to even out the skin tone of your face for natural finishing.

 Highlight your cheekbones with a blusher.

Smile to the mirror and stroke upward to highlight them. The colour of the blusher use would depends on the look you would wish to have. A sweet pink tone will have a youthful fresh look. A peach orange tone will be for ladies who wish to get a more mature and sophisticated look which suits the executive image.

Apply eyes shadow and eye liner to highlight your eyes.

So what eyeshadow colours should you choose? Choose eyeshadow that complement your eye colour and skin tone. You can choose 3 eyeshadow shades – light, medium and dark. Start with the base colour which is the medium shade on your eyelid over your eyeball.

Fill up your eyebrows

Use a eyebrow pencil to fill up the missing area of your brow. Choose a shade closer to the brow colour.

Apply lip colour

Choose a suitable lip colour depending on occasion. For casual outing, choose a lighter shade to get a natural look. If attending dinner function, a darker shade or bright red lip colour will stand you out.

Foundation Right Product

Foundations are usually manufactured to match skin types. For example, those who suffer from oily complexions need not go for oily foundations as this is not the best foundation for them considering their skin does not require more oil than it already has. Instead, oil free foundation is what they need to go with. Whether your face is milky white or chocolate in color, a foundation that matches your skin tone should be in order.

Remember to buy foundation from a reputed brand only if you wish to get value for your money. Ariane Poole cosmetics come highly recommended and are suitable in meeting your entire make up needs.

Consider the weather. Those residing in tropical regions with high temperatures should go for water proof foundation that has a high sun protection factor. In addition to providing the illusion of flawless skin, the high SPF ensures that your skin is protected against harmful ultraviolet rays. Waterproof foundation comes in different shades to suit a variety of skin types. This is to say that, in spite of the sweltering conditions, you can still look good.

Skin condition and age factor also play a role in finding the best foundation. Women who are approaching their mid-life should go for powder foundation. Those with dry skin should remember to use a base since their dry skin will absorb the foundation causing one to apply more than is required.

Liquid foundation can be used if you have fine lines on your face. However, you must remember to apply it correctly otherwise you might just end up creating more wrinkles.

Also consider the ease of use and the application time that the foundation requires. Specialists recommend powder foundations for women who don’t have much time to devote to make up. For women without much skin problems, liquid foundation is okay. Not only is it easy to apply but it also lasts long.

Make Yourself Look Prettier

Most of us however have little say, in the matters of our appearances. Our face and its features are physical attributes that we are born with, and even after growing up, it’s not exactly our choice, how we will look like. But thanks to the recent big bang in the cosmetic industry, thousands of beauty products have been made available for the women, so that they can look as beautiful on the outside as they are from inside. Indeed, with the biggest and the best brands, all over the world, coming up with new and improved beauty products and cosmetics, one now has solution for every possible beauty problem, within her arms reach.

It is but human, to desire to look beautiful. Looking beautiful, makes us feel good about ourselves, it makes us feel special and wanted. When we see ourselves in the mirror, we don’t like seeing our patchy skin or puffy eyes or the lackluster hair. On the contrary, when we look at the mirror, we hope to see a princess smiling back at us, the princess that we are from the inside. And that is exactly what cosmetics do. They help reveal our inner beauty; they help us to gain an appearance that matches our personality.

Indeed cosmetics, when applied correctly and in the right proportion, can create magic. Applying a bit of foundation can make our dull skin glow; a shiny lipstick enhances our lips while a concealer can hide our dark circles; and mascara beautifies our eyelashes. Cosmetics can take years of our face, and make us look and feel sixteen all over again.

Although, many erudite people around the world consider cosmetics as superficial, and women using make up as artificial, we cannot help but accept that using make up is the need of the day, while the great demand for cosmetics is the call of the day.

The catchy advertisements by the various cosmetic brands promising magical results on application of their products, various magazines patronizing the thought that cosmetics make a woman complete along with the cumulative effect of other social factors has resulted in this great cosmetic craze that is ruling the minds of millions of women, all over the world. Also, even today, at the end of the day, a woman’s appearance is given more importance over her individual achievements, thus giving rise to an innate compulsion among women to look good.

However, even the wonder product – cosmetics, have limitations. Other than the fact that their constant use can cause skin problems and hamper your natural beauty, cosmetics can only make a woman look beautiful on the outside. For a combination of inner aura and outer beauty is needed to make a woman look truly gorgeous.