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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Keep Skin Healthy

All of us want to have a beautiful face and a glowing skin, but what if, you don’t have money or budget in order to go to a saloon and get a facial? No need for you to worry at all, because this article will help you achieve this goal at the comfort of your home and without even the need to spend even half of the price if you go to a salon. And ultimately, you don’t need to spend too much on buying expensive beauty goods which could lead to irritation and further damage your skin and face if not prescribed by you dermatologist or if you don’t undergo beauty procedures or sessions that basically would cost you considerable amount of cash. All you have to do is simply follow and stick to the natural beauty guidelines that you can easily do alone at the comfort of your home and anytime you want.

Diet is a big factor that can contribute to beautiful and glowing skin. You just need to eat well balanced, healthy diet and choose the right variety of food. Keep in mind to always check the value and the profit it offers you. Take note eat more fruits and vegetables as you can gain a lot of vitamins and minerals from these foods and have a moderate intake of carbohydrates and protein this combination is guaranteed to provide you with a beautiful, glowing and naturally healthy skin.

Of course, we are all aware that we should have at least 8 glasses of water per day. If you want to have beautiful and glowing skin and if you are sweating and moving a lot then you must drink plenty of water, more than 8 glasses per day, drink as often as you want. Studies show that proper hydration will help your body remove waste and toxins in your body as a result your skin will have a more glowing and youthful look than ever.

Make sure that you take a bath at least once a day and rinse your skin, apply lotions and mild moisturizers this would help you maintain the moisture of your skin and prevent your skin from getting dry. And don’t forget to apply sun block and wear sunscreen for added protection from the harmful sun radiation.

Natural Beauty Solutions With Sensitive Skin

Natural beauty products have come a long way in the last five years, and this is great news for anyone with sensitive skin problems. This is because these new natural beauty products are containing less and less harmful or irritating substances, like parabens, SLS, or other potentially problematic ingredients. And with these less stripping products, our skin really can see wonderful benefits.

So what are these natural products, and what should you be looking for when picking out natural beauty products? Well for starters, we need to understand what the word natural means. Natural does not mean that these products are plucked from herbs and plants and placed in a container straight out. Natural does mean that each ingredient used has come from a natural source. This can be deceiving though because a lot of natural sources and components can be recreated. So your best bet is to start looking for products that show mostly botanical names in their ingredient list. You probably won’t find many products that are completely “natural”, and this is due to the preservation techniques that need to be used when creating even the most natural beauty products. Bacteria and other harmful, damaging things could grow in your beauty products if these important preservatives aren’t used.

With that said though, going natural is much better than picking an old product off the shelf. For sensitive skin you are going to want to look for products with less ingredients, less ingredients means less room for irritation. You can also look for things like Calendula oil, and Chamomile in them. These ingredients are very beneficial for sensitive skin, and are easily available in a multitude of products.

Summer Make Up on Shoestring

Waterproof mascara is a no brainer for summer, especially when on holiday. Alternatively, before you go away, get your eyelashes tinted instead. This is not expensive, looks amazing, and totally eliminates the need for mascara. The effects generally last for up to eight weeks.

Lips should be subtle in both color and texture – the aim is for a slightly tinted sheen. If you usually wear lip gloss in summer, go for a more natural looking stain that is not too gloopy or sticky. Treat yourself to a new lipstick – even the most expensive lipsticks are still quite affordable.

Keep skin natural looking with a hint of color and just a little bit of shimmer. Save on fake tan costs by going au natural, or if you simply must use a tanner then save money by doing your own instead of going to a salon. A tip for self tanning is to have someone on standby to do your back!

Nails should also be kept low key. Over the top nails are so over in the current economy. So either go without, or otherwise a pinky beige tone suits most hands and looks great with a tan. The exception is for your tootsies – brights are great for vibrant toes and perfect for sandal season.

Make Up Techniques Natural Beauty

Focus on good looking Part: This may seem like common sense but it is a must and to focus on your sexiest feature. For example if you have broad eyes with long thin lashes, then try to add more flavor to your smoky eyes to get sexy look. And another example is your lips. Almost they make temptation, if you keep your lips toned down. In other words you have to highlight the main focal point with other supporting features. Make sense? But finally, what you end up is to make yourself looking catchy, noticeable and of course sexy.

Less is best! Yes, this is right. You have to keep yourself fairly natural. Your particular make up style makes you to feel comfortable in any occasion. Don’t do any mistake like irregular over make up that 90% women are doing in this world. Watch the current trending cosmetics and choose the best color match that fits you. In other hand you can also get fair in natural methods by using mild soaps and minerals.

Try Mineral Make up Naturally:

Of course, some people have sensitive skin and have to be careful about using make up. If you are one among the crowd then I highly suggest you grab the advantage of mineral make up that is available at a low cost. Because it is highly jam packed with natural organic ingredients and can find it in all local departmental stores, as well as online counters. But before stepping in, you can also ask for complementary samples from the vendors and this enables you to find right shade for your skin tone respectively.