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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Make Nude Beautifully For Skin Tone

The neutral or nude shades have been improved upon over the time and they now have some excitement to them. The shades are now vast and more interesting for all to try out no matter the skin tone they have. The texture of these nude shades are now diverse that we all find one that can work well for us and makes that natural beauty a lot enhanced and more fun to carry. The glow can now be brighter with shimmers.

To choose your nudes, make sure the colors are clear so that it will not drag down your skin tone. You need to add a level of warmth by the application of fresh blush and you can then finish it off with a soft color to your lips.

A dark skinned lady can go with pale banana shade on the entire eye area. This is the base for the whole application. Then she can define her eyes by using a light shading of deep copper to sculpt that crease of the eyes. You can now blend the shadow up from the crease straight to the brow bone area and do not fore tuner the eyes. You can use a shimmer cloud to accentuate the inner corner of the eyelid.

After all that has been done, you can then apply the mascara.

Hot Weather Make Up Ways


Cleanse: Wash your face using a gentle, oil-free cleanser such as Cetaphil, ($6.99; in drugstores ). If you’re experiencing breakouts, follow with an astringent that has salicylic acid. If you have extra oily skin, try an oil zapping toner-Dermalogica makes an astringent called Oil Control Lotion, ($44.00). Oil Control Lotion contains lemon and burdock root, which, when applied topically, helps skin heal after trauma.

Moisturize: If your complexion is oily, only moisturize under the eyes and skip the rest of the face. If you have dry skin, use a light, non-oily lotion.


Tinted Moisturizer: In lieu of foundation, blend a small amount of long-wearing, flesh-tinted gel or moisturizer evenly over your entire face. Unlike traditional foundation which has a heavier texture, tints and gels have no texture at all, yet give a lovely translucent glow to the skin. For dry and normal skin, NV Perricone makes a terrific tinted moisturizer. ($55). If your skin is oily, Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer ($40; Laura Mercier) is an excellent choice.

For Extra Coverage: If areas of your face need more intense attention, such as broken capillaries, under-eye darkness, or rosacea, use the minutest (pin-sized) bit of a highly pigmented, opaque matte cover cream applied directly to the specific area. You may want to try DermaColor from Kryolan ($40.00)


Eyeshadow: Eyeshadows that have a luminous quality look gorgeous, and shades such as pearly-pink, ecru, taupe and pale peach can bring attention to the color of your eyes. Bourjois makes a wonderful shadow called Intensely Luminous Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow ($13.50; Sephora) is a great hot-weather pick, and Ambre Alternatif is a gorgeous, glowing amber shade.

Eyeliner: Eyeliner offers a classic way to define eyes, and for festive occasions, hues such as pale plum, turquoise, or even silver can look amazing. For hot weather, it will help if your liner is waterproof. Make Up For Ever makes a brilliant Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil ($16.00; Sephora) and the company’s version of turquoise is stunning.

Mascara: As much as mascara gives lush definition to lashes, much of the time, it’s the first part of make-up to melt away-heat or no heat. That coupled with the fact that we rub our eyes (most times unconsciously), can really make mascara a challenge for hot weather. A good idea is to apply mascara only to the upper lashes, and in a very fine layer; then wait a full minute and apply again.

Cheeks: For blush to stay vibrant, a good tactic is to finely layer powder blush over a non-oily cheek cream. Mally Roncal makes a terrific long-lasting blush called Get Cheeky, ($25.00; QVC). Roncal’s version of soft pink is called Dawn, which is lovely and natural looking. A nice powder blush to layer over it is Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Stoic Pink ($21.00; Sephora)

Lips: For lip color to last in the heat-as well as look flattering-there are two options: find a lipstick or lip tint that features higher pigmentation, or use a waterproof lip pencil over the entire lips, over which you can layer a semi-moist lipstick or gloss. Keep in mind that matte lipstick can make lips appear dry and dull. That said, look for a product that says “long-lasting,” or “highly pigmented.” Shiseido offers Shimmering Lipstick, ($22.00; Sephora) which has a moist texture, comes in wonderful gem-like shades, and is impressively long-lasting.

Beauty Nail Salon

Now I said starting point because location is only one small consideration and depending on you, possibly an insignificant consideration altogether. You see, just because a beauty salon is convenient for you it doesn’t mean that it will be the right fit for you. There are a number of other items to consider when selecting a beauty nail salon. Price might be the most important thing for you; however, I doubt that it is. Price is rarely the overwhelming factor for most women and I dare say it might be overlooked completely by a lot of you. Saving a few bucks is not as important as having a good experience and feeling like you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

A very important factor in choosing the salon that’s right for you is cleanliness. The reason I bring up cleanliness is that is possible to get an infection from a nail salon. You see salons use cutting tools that can pierce your skin and, if they haven’t been properly sterilized, can cause an infection. In fact, many local governments now legislate the cleanliness of day spas, beauty nail salons, hair salons etc. requiring them to be licensed and inspected. It also just makes good sense. Do you really want to go to a hair salon that never sweeps the floor or cleans out the sinks? Do you want to see the previous customers nail clipping on the table you are going to use? I don’t think so. That’s just good business practice not mention really disgusting.

Some other considerations in choosing your salon are the length of time they have been in business, ratings by other customers, membership in local business organizations etc. Perhaps the number one and two reasons to choose a beauty nail salon are your relationship with the techs and the quality of work they do. You will spend anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour with this person so you’ll need to have a good relationship. The hair or nail tech needs to be personable and not bring you down with their complaining. You should be in a better mood when you leave than when you showed up for your appointment. The quality of their work is just obvious. You want people to comment on their work and ask where you got your nails done. And they need to be doing it for the right reasons, not because they want to avoid the place!

Olive Oil Secrets

Olive oil can enhance one’s beauty when applied topically as well as when it is ingested. In fact, many women around the world are religious about ingesting one or two tablespoons daily. These women credit this daily dose of liquid gold for giving them youthful, soft, supple skin that so many of us desire. It will do wonders for your overall health too. If you don’t want to take it straight, consider drizzling some over your salad, dipping fresh bread into olive oil mixed with dried herbs, or adding a tablespoon to your smoothies (you won’t even taste it). If you enjoy sweet and salty flavor combinations, a delicious way to enjoy olive oil is to drizzle some over chocolate ice cream and sprinkle a small amount of sea salt on top.

Applying olive oil to your skin and hair will leave it feeling velvety smooth since it works as a moisturizing agent. That’s why it is often found in many popular beauty products available on the market. Look for products that contain this precious oil to add to your beauty line-up. Or, skip the overpriced store bought products altogether and start using olive oil instead. Pour about a half cup of into your bath water and feel how soft and supple your skin feels afterward. If you like, add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender for a relaxing scent. When drying yourself off after be sure to pat yourself dry with the towel instead of rubbing to help lock in the moisture.

If silky soft hands are what you desire, massage some of this magical oil on them daily. Another bonus is the free cuticle treatment your nails will receive from this softening and protecting oil that is great for you nails and cuticles. For smooth feet, slather a liberal amount of olive oil on them before bed. Cover your feet with some comfy, cotton socks and keep them on overnight if you can or at least for a few hours. You will love how smooth your feet will feel.